Iceland is inhabited only in the narrow strip of coastline, where conditions allow the breeding of animals and cultivation of the land. All the rest, including the so-called  “Interior” – means the center of the island is wild lands, dotted with glaciers, volcanoes, rocks and lava deserts. To the center of the island lead gravel roads on the maps marked “Fxxx” and get on you can only with 4×4 vehicles. In May the “F” roads are still closed due to prevailing winter for much longer in the middle of the island, than on its edges, but it did not stoped us from exploring this area on foot. The biggest impression is huge swathes of land, which was buried by volcanic ash during the recent volcanic eruptions.

Exploration of this area requires preparation and take with you, among others, an appropriate amount of water, because just in that region of Iceland may happen that there won’t be a river or it will contain large amounts of metals and sulfur. The wind is so strong that no stove without proper cover and preparation will handle it. Photos from the site, which can be seen in this gallery are places captured around 1:00 at night.